I was primarily trained in a school of thought referred to as "psychodynamic" and "relational", I also draw from a variety of evidence-based approaches including mindfulness-based therapy, narrative therapy, family systems, and attachment. 

My style is direct, genuine, empathic, and intuitive. 

In session I strive to provide a different experience for you - one where you are heard, and given honest reflection and insight. We focus on increased self-awareness, breaking old patterns, and learning new ways of relating. My hope is to give you a safe, non-judgmental space to discuss whatever you wish to bring in.           

Therapy with me is depth oriented, meaning that we work on exploring the roots of what's happening for you, rather than just coming up with solutions to your symptoms. I integrate an awareness of race, class, and gender in my understanding of you, and believe that family history and early trauma play a significant role in the problems that arise for us.

Rather than just focusing on the past, I help you move forward by exploring how to do things differently in the present with the information that we uncover. 

I believe that all of our issues tend to be connected, and I welcome all parts of you that may come forward in the process of therapy.

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